AVIQ: Innovative software solutions for over-the-top video.


AVIQ now offers a unique business proposal to telecom companies, ISPs and operators:

a turn-key Television service.

If you offer an Internet service and telephony, but you do not have a TV offering, this is the service for you ! Your subscribers only need to have a reasonably fast Internet access at home, and you can offer them a wide selection of TV channels, movies, TV series and other services which we can set up for you within a very short time frame.

The TV-in-a-Box service consists of several cloud-based products & services offered as a single package:

  • All end user devices (TV Boxes, Apps for mobiles and Tablets)
  • A cloud-based Live TV, 7-day Catchup, Recording and Pause service
  • A Television streaming service with up to 350 TV channels already in operation
  • A comprehensive Electronic Program Guide with Search functions and a Favorites list
  • An online software update system
  • A sophisticated tracking system for technical supervision and tracking of usage data (ATP)
  • A cloud-based box management system (ABMP)

The TV-in-a-Box package is offered to ISPs, cable providers and telcos as an extension of an already existing TV offering or as a new offering in addition to other existing services like telephony or Internet Service providing.

AVIQ TV-in-a-Box Benefits

You can:
  • Reach more subscribers by deploying your new TV service on multiple screens (STBs, Tablets, Phones) and reaching out-of-footprint users
  • Increase profitability because OTT uses a cost-effective open network
  • Deploy new, revenue-generating services such as VoD more easily
  • Reduce risk because you do not need to make a major capital investment, or rip out existing infrastructure, you simply add OTT on top of it
  • Offer rich features like LiveTV, CatchupTV, Recording, Pause, etc. and help increase subscription revenues