AVIQ: Innovative software solutions for over-the-top video.

AVIQ now offers a unique business proposal to telecom companies, ISPs and operators: a turn-key Television service.

If you offer an Internet service and telephony, but you do not have a TV offering, this is the service for you ! Your subscribers only need to have a reasonably fast Internet access at home, and you can offer them a wide selection of TV channels, movies, TV series and other services which we can set up for you within a very short time frame.


The TV-in-a-Box service consists of several cloud-based products & services offered as a single package:

  • All end user devices (TV Boxes, Apps for mobiles and Tablets)
  • A cloud-based Live TV, 7-day Catchup, Recording and Pause service
  • A Television streaming service with up to 350 TV channels already in operation
  • A comprehensive Electronic Program Guide with┬áSearch functions and a Favorites list
  • An online software update system
  • A sophisticated tracking system for technical supervision and tracking of usage data (ATP)
  • A cloud-based box management system (ABMP)

The TV-in-a-Box package is offered to ISPs, cable providers and telcos as an extension of an already existing TV offering or as a new offering in addition to other existing services like telephony or Internet Service providing.

How does AVIQ TV-in-a-Box work ?

The AVIQ TV-in-a-Box package is specified together with our customers, commissioned and installed by AVIQ and its partners and operated for you. You keep the direct customer access via your existing CRM and we integrate the necessary system data with your CRM. The business model consists of a one-time setup fee to cover the integration cost, hardware cost for the TV Boxes and a monthly operating fee which is driven by the number of TV channels and the number of active users.


Several options can also be provided, e.g. a Video on Demand portal powered by one of our partners & integrated into the TV box and selected, operator-controlled apps (e.g. YouTube, Teletext, etc.).

How can AVIQ help you ?

Thanks to several years of experience with OTT systems and the real-life know-how from having provided multiple systems in commercial use for customers in Switzerland and USA, AVIQ can offer competent planning, installation and support at competitive prices. We can help you to:

  • Reach more subscribers by deploying your new TV service on multiple screens (STBs, Tablets, Phones) and reaching out-of-footprint users
  • Increase profitability because OTT uses a cost-effective open network
  • Deploy new, revenue-generating services such as VoD more easily
  • Reduce risk because you do not need to make a major capital investment, or rip out existing infrastructure, you simply add OTT on top of it
  • Offer rich features like LiveTV, CatchupTV, Recording, Pause, etc. and help increase subscription revenues