Smart Sourcing with ScaleFocus

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ScaleFocus and AVIQ

ScaleFocus is an EU-based premium technology consultancy and software engineering company, named the TOP European Service Provider of the year for 2016.

Scalefocus and AVIQ have worked together for many years and in 2016 the companies decided to enter into a strategic cooperation. AVIQ is the exclusive representative of Scalefocus for Swizerland and promotes the business cooperation actively. As a representative office, AVIQ Systems AG takes care of customer relations and administration, financials and in some cases, project management. ScaleFocus provides all development and engagement resources for the Swiss customers.

Delivery and engagement models

Onsite/Nearshore. The work is distributed between clients’ premises and ScaleFocus’ nearshore development center with regular travels to the onsite location.  

Nearshore. The entire project is accomplished at ScaleFocus’ nearshore development center.

Hybrid. The whole development team operates from the nearshore location. Project managers are operating from an onsite location or split between onsite and nearshore.

A typical 3-phase cooperation structure

Phase 1. At the outset, focus on PoCs and small projects to test the partnership. Involvement of senior-level professionals. Mainly onsite delivery.

Phase 2. Scale-up the teams. Use a mixture of onsite/nearshore delivery split. Augment the capacity, up-skill and train teams, increase the cross-functional business efficiency.

Phase 3. Establish long-term joint operations (nearshore/hybrid). Optimized productivity, optimization of cost. Various models are possible:  
– Dedicated nearshore center of excellence.
– Joint venture (JV) for nearshore delivery.
– Build-operate-transfer (BOT) model.


To contact AVIQ regarding all smart sourcing topics:
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M: +41 44 523 65 64
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